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10 Best Kids Smart Watches in 2019 [Buying Guide]

Smartwatch for kids

Being a parent, you’ve certainly got into the situation when your child’s phone is dead, making you wonder where they are.

In a big city, a child can get lost, go out without permission, go with strangers, get injured, etc.

You never know what can happen. If it becomes discharged, the mobile phone can turn off. Even if it is on it can ring and not be heard by the child.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem – Smartwatch For Kids.

The best part?

All of them work GREAT in 2019.

The Best Smartwatches For Kids

Smartwatch always shows where the child is, thanks to a built-in GPS tracker. In addition, almost all models are equipped with an LTE module, so that parents can call their child at any time.

Also, a sensor notifies the parent as soon as the child takes off his watch. And, if something happens to the child, there is always a red button on the watch to signal his or her parents!

Impressive isn’t it?

So, Let’s take a look at the table that contains the main functions.

1. Kidaily – Best Cheap Smartwatch For Children

Kidaily SmartWatch for Children

In front of you is another inexpensive smart watch company Kidaily, which makes products for children. They are gaining popularity among buyers and have received a lot of good reviews and they really have a lot of advantages.

They have a compact body, a nice silicone strap, on one side of the watch the power button and the SOS button. Yes, your child can press it if something unpleasant happens, and you will receive a message about it.

On the other side, there is a micro USB connector. By the way, the developers claim that these watches are waterproof.

You can make calls and send voice messages, but you will have to purchase a SIM card yourself. It is inserted from the back of the watch.

Thanks to these watches the child is not bored. There is a camera for shooting video and photos, puzzles, math games, and other educational games and applications.

GPS location in this watch gives you the opportunity not only to know the child’s permanent location but also to receive a message on your smartphone in case the child has left the safe zone that you have set up in the phone.

In conclusion, I will say that Kidaily Kids Smart Watch GPS is a combination of communication, security, and entertainment. Plus, all of this combined with a fairly small price. An excellent choice if you have a limited budget.


Simple interest.

A lot of useful features.

High value.


It can be difficult to connect a SIM card.

2. VTech Kidizoom DX2 – Perfect For Games

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 Review

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2. This smartwatch for kids was developed by the largest electronics manufacturer, VTech Electronics North America, LLC. The company specializes in the creation of products of the category ELP (Electronic Learning Toys) and is a recognized world leader in the production of innovative educational products for children of all ages.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX 2 made in the wristwatch format. The square casing with an elegant metallic edging has two mechanical control buttons. One of them controls the camera. Its elastic silicone bracelet is comfortable for even a baby’s wrist and a convenient clasp securely fixes the smartwatch in place.

I can’t say that VTech Kidizoom is just a child’s watch. It is rather a multipurpose device designed for children aged 4 to 9 years, with the ability to shoot photos and videos. A variety of different effects and filters give a child the opportunity to develop his or her creative abilities.

The main advantage of the VTech Kidizoom is its huge amount of games to suit each taste. Of course, you can download additional games according to their preference. In addition to the alarm watch, timer, and stopwatch, kids can use the calendar and calculator to help with simple calculations.

Since these watches are for kids, it would be advisable to include a GPS tracker, such as TickTalk 2.0, or an LTE module so that the child can contact parents at any time.

There is also no internet connection, which is another feature that most people want when choosing a smartwatch for their child.

Bottom line:

First of all, it is worth considering this model as a toy for a child or which will show him or her the world of gadgets and prepare for more advanced technologies in the future. So if you are looking for a good gift then this is a good choice.


Types of time display.

Ability to take photos and videos.

The availability of games.

High design and sturdy construction.

Calendar, calculator, stopwatch, timer, alarm watch.


Little built-in memory.

No child GPS tracking function.

3. DUIWOIM – Best For Child Safety

DUIWOIM Kids Smart Watch Review

The Kids Smartwatch from DUIWOIM looks pretty ergonomic. A square casing, a front camera, and a connector for charging.

Everything about the design is very simple.

They are designed for children aged 4-12 years. These smartwatches can be a good gift for your child because it includes are fun learning games.

And the most important factor, DUIWOIM have GPS tracker and SOS button. I also want to note that they are waterproof (IP67 standard). Which is pretty nice for the child.

The child can call you and send messages at any time. Just install a sim card in the back of the watch. For that, you need only to open the dial on the back panel and install it.

Looks pretty good, right?

Also, there is the possibility of using a memory card.

You can choose between blue for the boy or pink for the girl.

But, there is a disadvantage.

The quality of the camera leaves much to be desired, but on the other hand, it’s a smartwatch for kids.


This smartwatch is an excellent choice if you want to combine your child’s safety and be sure he will be interested in this device.


GPS and SOS button.

A great selection of games.

Ability to use a memory card.

Affordable price.

4. Owl Cole – Modern With Lots Of Features

Owl Cole SmartWatch for Kids

Owl Cole Watch is one of the brands of children’s watches: they have all the necessary functions, and the cost is not very high.

It is convenient to insert the SIM-card. Make sure not to remove the bottom cover, since the slot is located on the side. There is a vibration alert for the child to hear exactly when the parents try to reach him.

Now about functions.

When removed from the hand the watch immediately signals to the parent phone. If you set the “restricted zone” on the map in the application, then when you leave the zone the smartphone, too, will receive a message. You can listen to everything that happens next to the watch, and the child is also able to send voice messages to the list of numbers stored in memory.

Also, the watch counts calories and steps, and there is a training game.

The watch does not include a SIM card and you have to buy it yourself, and you need to keep in mind that the watch supports only 2G communication. You can independently check the coverage of 2G near your house.

Owl Cole Smart Watches for Kids are recommended for children from 4 to 12 years old and support work with iOS and Android devices. To implement all the functions on the parent smartphone, you need to install the SeTracker 2 application.


A lot of useful features.

Watch is water resistant.


Supports only 2G.

High casing.

5. Kurio – Affordable Watch For Kids

Kurio Watch for Kid Review

The main niche of KD Interactive is electronic products for children. In 2012, they released a successful series of products called Kurio. These smart watches belong to this series.

The watches are distinguished by the presence of a large number of games and various applications. There are really a lot of them, more than 20 pieces.

There are games for two players, and also thanks to the motion sensor, there is an opportunity to play mobile games.

The front camera will help the child to try himself as a registrar, and a large number of applications such as an alarm watch, a calculator, an activity tracker can be used to improve productivity.

Calls and messages are sent only via Bluetooth. That is, if the child leaves the zone of action, you cannot contact him. The location cannot be determined either since there is no GPS tracker.

Summing up, you can say that this watch will be a good gift for your child, he will definitely love it, but you will not be able to control his movement.

The choice is yours.


A lot of games and applications.

Ability to send multimedia files via Bluetooth.

Ability to use a memory card.


Bluetooth calls only.

There is no location detection.

6. ABARDEEN – Budget-Friendly With Good Features

ABARDEEN Smart Watch for Kids Review

This product of the famous manufacturer of smart watches for children ABARDEEN features a cute and very childlike design with a plastic dial in pink, blue or green colors.

The connector for the SIM card is traditionally inserted in the back of the watch case. There is also an SOS button, two control buttons, and a charging connector.

From a technical point of view, everything is in place: the watch is able to track the coordinates of the child, there is Bluetooth for communicating with the smartphone, you can create and monitor secure zones, there is support for voice messages.

In an application on the phone, the parent can watch the movements of the child, and view a weekly archive of their activity.

When you press the SOS button, the parents are sent not only the coordinates of the child but also an audio recording of what is happening around the child, which will help to understand whether the child accidentally pressed the button or something really happened.

In principle, this is an inexpensive watch. I can just say that there are the best, but look at the characteristics and reviews. Maybe they will suit you and your child will be happy.


You can set up to 60 contacts.

Well used for calls.


Can be a problem with locating.

Instruction can be complex.

Work only with 2G SIM cards.

7. LG Child – Best Quality

LG Child Wearable Smartwatch Review

These smart watches are designed by LG, which needs no introduction. It is not hard to guess that the quality here is at the proper level.

The watch itself is compact and the number is very simple. No buttons, a micro USB connector is on the back cover. Here we meet the first drawback – the lack of an SOS button, but your child can always call you.

The main advantage here is the location. It is relatively accurate, but in view of the features of GPS, it works best in open space.

You can only make calls, but you can record no more than 4 subscribers. It is worth noting that this watch only supports the mobile operator Verizon is and offered to subscribers for $5 per month.

Despite the lack of games and other applications, these watches will appeal to parents who do not want their children to be distracted by their gadget during lessons, everything is kept to a minimum.

There can be only one conclusion. LG clearly did not live up to its reputation. Yes, the design is good, but these watches are clearly not designed for children. Rather, they are designed for parents who want to follow their child. However, it’s really the best smartwatch for teenager.


A very accurate location.

Long battery life.


No games.

Works only with Verzion.

No SOS buttons.

Does not show time.

8. iCooLive – Waterproof With GPS

iCooLive Waterproof Smart Watch for kids

This is a novelty in the market of smart children’s watches from the company iCooLive. By design, this watch is a bit like the Apple Watch for kids, so that it can attract a child.

The model is presented in 2 colors: blue and pink.

These watches have many advantages, one of them being that they are waterproof. So you do not have to worry if the children wet them or go swimming with them.

Parents can also set up a mode in which the watch applications will be unavailable at certain times, for example at school, so that children are not distracted.

And if you suddenly want to know that your child is at school, the watch has a built-in camera. So you can make a video call anytime and see for yourself.

In the kit with the watch, there is a SIM card, Speedtalk. I note that the watch does not support operators such as Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T.

Summing up, I want to say that this watch has everything you need for your child, from calls and voice messages to interesting educational games. And it is worth noting its water resistance. So if your child is engaged in swimming, this is what you need.



The gift of SIM Card for Speedtalk.

Responsive technical support.


Supports only 2G network.

Supports only Speedtalk.

9. GBD – Cheap and Simple

GBD Smart Watch for Children Review

Looking for a cheaper option? Then the smart watch for children from the Chinese company GBD is for you.

They have all the necessary functions: positioning, SOS button, various games and applications, the ability to configure the movement restriction zone, camera and even a flashlight.

Also, in this watch, there is something interesting. Parents can set the application lock for a specific time. For example, while the child is at school, so as not to be distracted from the lessons.

When purchasing these smartwatches, the SIM card is not supplied; you have to buy it separately. The watch supports only 2G SIM cards, so make sure before buying it. Also, there may be problems with the T-Mobile Starter Kit SIM Card, so I recommend taking the SpeedTalk Mobile Card.

Small difficulties with the choice of a SIM card is certainly a minus, but you can solve it by contacting your telecom operator. But the obsolete operating system, unfortunately, can only be remedied by GBD developers in the next generations of smartwatches.

As a result, I can say that this watch is suitable for children of 3-7 years, but they will be uninteresting to older ones.


Good charging.


Ability to lock functions for a specific time.


For the small child.

Only use military time.

Old operative system.

10. TickTalk 2.0 – Best Navigation System

TickTalk 2.0 Kids Smart Watch Review

TickTalk specializes in smartwatches for children. They use the latest technology and are constantly improving their products.

So in TickTalk 2.0 a new function “Things To Do” was added. Now your child’s day will be planned, which means that education and upbringing will be more effective. You can list up to 50 things to do.

There is an opportunity to have a connection with the child, as it is possible to make phone calls, SMS, and even voice messages.

You can add up to 13 contacts to the watch, and if you turn on the built-in firewall, only people on the contact list will be able to call him.

Design, In my opinion, of this smartwatch for 12 year old or more.

The company makes the major task of the phone finding the child’s location and the child’s safety. Therefore, the GPS system is simply excellent. Not to mention the SOS button, a smart app for a smartphone, through which you can easily track the movement of the child.

In my opinion, these watches have only one drawback. This is their price. But believe me, they are worth it.

And remember, do not skimp on the child’s safety.

To summarize, I want to note that this is one of the best offers on the market. There is nothing superfluous, everything is simple and convenient. This watch includes all your and your child’s needs and even more.


Simple interface.

There are many useful functions.

Supplied with SpeedTalk SIM Card.

Best Smartwatch For Kids – Buying Guide

So, you just read about the 10 best smartwatches for kids in 2019.

But many people are wondering what to look for when you choose a product.

And so we offer you a buyer’s guide. After reading it you will find it easier to find a solution.

Let’s take a closer look.

Area of action

Like a mobile phone, the watch works in the area of the operator who issued a SIM card. New models of watches are equipped with a touchscreen and GPS / GSM-module with refined positioning on Wi-Fi. This allows you to find children in places with poor GPS reception.

In addition to locating the watch, the watch has the function “Safety Zone”: when the child leaves the pre-defined zone, the watch sends an alert to the parents.

Remote Voice Monitor

Some models of smart watches have the ability to listen to the sound from microphones, and sometimes even have a camera–when you get anxiety from your phone you can hear and see what is happening with the child at the moment.

Call and SMS

You can call the child on the watch – they are equipped with a microphone and a speaker. In addition, you can exchange short voice messages, as in popular instant messengers, and in case of danger, send a signal with the SOS button.

Not all watches have this capability. If you need it, you should pay attention to it. As a rule, smart watches with games and good multimedia do not have this capability.


If you want to make your child a smartwatch gift as a toy and you are not bothered by questions about his whereabouts, then you can choose smart watches with different multimedia and different games. There may also be fitness functions: a pedometer, a heart rate monitor and sleep monitoring.

If it is necessary for the safety of children, then it is necessary to choose a watch with GPS-tracker and the ability to make calls.

I hope that this guide helped you choose a smartwatch for your kid and you will be reassured by it.

Share your opinion in the comments–why did you decide to buy a smart watch for your child? Which ones did you eventually buy and are you satisfied with?


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