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Smartwatch For Kids Buying Guide

Telling the time is a valuable life skill that anyone over the age of 13 might take for granted. With our smartphones telling the time for us, watches are becoming less of a necessity, but smart watches can combine time-telling with a host of different apps to make them incredibly useful in day-to-day life. Great for adults, yeah, but perhaps even more important for kids who are just entering the realm of learning about tech’s effect on everyday life. If you are planning to encourage your child into exploring the wide and wonderful world of technology before they even start school then a smartwatch is the perfect place to start. Here’s our collection of the 4 best smartwatches for kids.

4 Best Smartwatches For Kids in 2019

  1. VTech Kidizoom DX2 Smartwatch For Kids

A sweet little piece of technology for kids who are just starting to learn about the world around them. Vtech’s Kidizoom DX2 will be your child’s introduction into the world of smart watches and tech in general, and is packed full of functions to make it more than just a watch.

This handy device has been designed to include a wide variety of features that are either educational, fun or both and include augmented reality monster detector game and motion sensor for activeplay challenges.

Key Features:

Two-way camera

Augmented reality monster game


55 digital and analog clock faces

4 – 12 years


  • BrandVTech
  • Model80-193808
  • Weight6.4 ounces

2. Garmin vivofit JR Smartwatch For Kids

This junior-sized version of an adult Garmin smart watch is a fantastic device that is completely tailored for the needs of a child. It has a sleek design that is not too big on their wrist and has a stretchable band to fit all sizes, yet is also robust enough to be fully kid-proof to prevent any tears.

The smartwatch comes with a free parental-control app so you can check up on your child’s progress and establish chores and rewards for your peace of mind (and to keep the house shining all year-round). By completing chores that display on the in-app interface, you will bring a level of interactivity to typically dull and laborious household activities. Iof you make it fun, your kids will be itching to fold the clothes, clean the floors, and take the garbage out.

Key Features:

1 year of battery life without recharging

24/7 wearability

Kid-proof, waterproof to 5 ATM

Adventure trail and fun facts features

4 – 9 years


  • BrandGarmin
  • Model010-01634-00
  • Weight0.64 ounces

3. VTech Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch For Kids

If your child spends most of their time explaining to you reasons why the Empire Did Nothing Wrong, then they might enjoy keeping time alongside the galaxy’s greatest army (ha!) Great for Star Wars fans, it is easy enough to understand for children as young as 5 while still having enough challenging games to keep it interesting.

VTech Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch is fitted with a timer, stopwatch and good quality camera that can be enhanced with over 20 Star Wars effects to make it much more than just a watch. Its display can be customized with 30 different digital and analog faces to get children more comfortable with learning to tell the time. Also included are lightsaber, droid and spaceship sound effects, a calculator and calendar.

While not as comprehensive as other watches, it is a cool little gimmick gadget that will capture the imagination of the most ardent Star Wars fans. The watch is splash-proof but won’t be able to cope with full submergence, so just make sure your child doesn’t crashland into a Dagobah swamp to ensure that this smart watch remains a trusted and fine companion when exploring the galaxy. Our handy guide to the best watches for boys features more great products like this.

Key Features:

3 mini activities

Voice recorder with alien effects

Camera with 20 Star Wars effects

Customizable with 30 clock faces

5 – 12 years


  • BrandVTech
  • Model80-194260
  • Weight3.68 ounces

4. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch For Kids

Bright enough to stand out in a crowd but still stylish enough not to look too garish on your kid’s wrist, this VTech smart watch for kids is a great gift for younger children with its eye-catching design and easy-to-use apps and games. It is fitted with an camera that has a high enough quality for your kid to take photos and videos without clogging up the internal memory as well as containing 4 exciting learning games (and more can be downloaded from Vtech’s Learning Lodge) that will entertain them while teaching them at the same time.

A great addition to the world of kids smart watches, VTech’s Kidizoom is an excellent alternative for when the Apple watch for kids might seem a bit too complex right now. It can be used to teach your kid both digital and analog time and lets them record their voice and change it with 5 wacky effects. Splash but not water resistant, make sure you don’t let your kid jump in the bath with it, and this watch should last them until they’ve graduated to more complicated tech. Find more eye-catching designs, this time for yourself, in our Tissot watches review.

Key Features:

0.3 megapixel camera

Digital and analog display

4 exciting learning games and Learning Lodge sync

Touch screen

4 – 7 years


  • BrandVTech Kidizoom
  • Model80-155780
  • Weight10.4 ounces

Features To Look For in a Kids Smart Watch

Kids are a little different to adults when it comes to what you want to look for when buying them a smartwatch so you’ll need to take a step back into the past and bring out your inner child when thinking what they are going to enjoy. They probably don’t care about heart rate, but they probably do care about how many games they can play.

best smartwatches for kids

Functionality of a Smartwatch

A smartwatch needs to be able to tell the time, but that isn’t everything. These watches need to be a little more on the intelligent side if your kid is going to enjoy it. While its primary function is to teach them how to read a clock – digital or analog – this is simple enough, so finding something that can help them learn on-the-go through games, quizzes and other activities will make them much more satisfied.

The wide variety of functions available on these smartwatches can help you make this decision. If your child is still learning their numbers, adding, subtracting or more complicated equations, then finding a watch with a calculator should be high on your priorities. If they are on the older side and want to play cool, unique games on their watches, then choosing something with a little more pizazz will ensure that that don’t get bored of it too quickly.

Benefits of Giving Your Child a Smart Watch

Giving your child a smart watch demonstrates that you trust them to look after a considerably expensive piece of technology. This should inspire some responsibility in them and hopefully teach them how to look after their belongings. Just in case they are still careless, many of these watches come with kid-proof designs to help them withstand the natural rough and tumble that is unavoidable in childhood.

A smart watch for boys (or girls) can also help teach them in their spare time (often without them realising) through games and activities that come pre-installed on the device. This saves you time downloading software and gives them the opportunity to dive straight in. With exciting games that get the brain working, they will get more benefits from the smart watch than you might predict.

Precautions To Take When Using a Kid’s Smartwatch

It is a big thing to give your kid a smart watch and so there are some precautions you will have to take. If you are concerned with where they are, then consider finding a kids GPS watch or kids tracker to help keep tabs on them for the first few times they are out with friends. Some watches come with parental controls, so you can decide what they can and cannot do on their watch.

These features are great for younger children who might fully understand the capabilities of their smart watches. While you don’t want to be too overbearing, there is nothing wrong with being too cautious.

best smartwatches for kids

Smartwatch for Kids FAQ

If you have any extra questions about smartwatches for kids, check out our FAQ section below to get an idea of some of the more common concerns from parents or older relatives when they are thinking about buying a kids’ smart watch.

Q: Will my child be able to easily use a kid’s smartwatch?

A: Children’s smart watches have been designed to accommodate the child’s capabilities. They comes with bright colours to catch their attention and have easy-to-read displays which will teach them to recognize numbers quickly. When not displaying the time, these watches also show the additional applications that can be found on the watch which are easily accessible at the tap of a screen.

These watches also do not want to overwhelm the child with too many features. When considering what kids like to do one other devices like tablets and smartphones, smartwatch designers have integrated these same functions onto the watch. The end result is that the child can play games or take pictures with their own device instead of getting their sticky hands all over yours.

Q: How much battery life does a smartwatch for kids have?

A: A typical smartwatch will have around 1 – 2 days worth of charge. There are some exceptions such as the Garmin featured above, however, this normally depends on how much use the watch is subjected to.

Like our smartphones, the more you use the smartwatch, the quicker the battery will drain. If your child is purely using it to check the time and maybe study the pedometer, then you can expect a little over two-days worth of battery life. We all know how unlikely that is, though. Kids love exploring all of the features tech has to offer, so do not be surprised if they complain that their watch is running low on battery before the end of the day.

To combat this, you need to teach them the importance of charging. They won’t have devices of their own yet, so charging might be a foreign concept. If you remind them to charge their watch every night, they shouldn’t run into any problems and enjoy it throughout the day, until the next charge comes around.

Our Top Pick

Without a doubt, our top pick for the best smart watch for kids is the VTech Kidizoom DX2. It offers excellent functionality, great value for money and is suitable for a wide range of ages. This makes it a great starter smart watch as well as a decent finisher before graduating to more advanced devices.

The DX2 is more advanced than other VTech smart watches and seems to have everything you need from a watch by blending traditional technology with more recent advancements to provide the best kids smart watch experience possible. Compare this with other smart watches for kids and you will more than likely come to the same conclusion.

It is educational, entertaining and comes without any of the gimmicks that might be apparent in other products. For these reasons, the VTech Kidizoom DX2 is our top pick for children’s smart watches.


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